‘Apprentice’ in Orientation

31 01 2009

I think watching ‘Apprentice’ in Orientation is a better idea because almost a dozen students leave the MBA program during the orientation week due to less motivation and avoiding the challenges of the MBA degree.So watching ‘Apprentice’ may motivate them to take the challenges of the degree program.The students can do the courses of the first semester like ‘communication skills’ and ‘marketing’ more effectively and with a more mature approach.

James -my Apprentice

31 01 2009

James was my favourite among the contestants and i believe that he was more suitable for supervising a real-estate project worth millions of dollars.

James runs his own company and has a exposure of working with hundrends of people.The core qualities for overlooking a real-estate project should be project management,negotiation skills ,controlling and working under stress.I believe on these parameters James was a better choice.

Steffani was brilliant in the board-room and definitely her communication skills are better than James but communications skills should only be complementary to above mentioned core qualities.Steffani is suitable for marketing or sales job but i doubt her competency for real-estate project.I think with Steffani the project will definitely cost more and take longer time but Trump can afford such ‘luxuries’……

Visiting Plaza in FF (Office Management)

29 01 2009

Today in evening I visited plaza in FF related to Office Management.In MBA class Zara and Mehr were present whereas in BSC almost whole of the class were there.Plaza happened to be in a walking distance from my home.

Saad(Asadullah Uncle son) brief the tourist regarding the plaza.The plaza is just rented by a brokerage house in which Saad is working.The plaza was an ordinary one and i donot know the logic for such a visit.Later Asadullah Uncle visited my home as well.

Report Regarding Skill Building Term

27 01 2009

I think the idea of having a Skill Building Term during the MBA program is very useful but the timing and contents can be modified to make it more purposeful.I think the Skill Building Term can be the most informative part of MBA(even more then the Malaysia term).It can be the turning point for the careers of the students.

The theme should be to inculcate those skills which are not in the text-book but are practice in the corporate world to the MBA students.In international business schools it is necessary to have atleast 2 year experience in order to be eligible for MBA admission but here in MSD mostly they are fresh graduates.MNC while hiring MBA’s prefer to have students with job experience.So the students should be ‘trained’ regarding the realities of the corporate world.For that Managers working in banks and other MNC should be invited to conduct the course.These Managers should provide training on the aspects of what they learnt during the first few years of their job experience.HR people of MNC should be invited to conduct workshops regarding their hiring criteria and should have QA session with the students.

Regarding timing of Skill Building Term it should be at the start of last semester of MBA programme or ideally after the MBA Programme on the above mentioned theme.It should also give an executive look (Tea and buffet lunch for the participants as they already charging a heavy amount).

Team Kinetic impressive performance

27 01 2009

Today’s performance by Team Kinetic was really impressive.The task given to them was to design a brochure regarding mouthwash which will be publish as newspaper supplement.

Team kinetic design of the brochure was very catchy and appealing.Trump and his team appreciated the design.The design was giving a very professional look.

Team Arrow’s theme regarding the marketing was very confusing.They also lack ‘sizzle’ in their marketing.Tim was fired but i think he was better than frank and should be fired later…..Tim was good at brainstorming and presented atleast some ideas.Frank is lucky to be still there for me he should be fired earlier.

Regarding documentary we have pasted a brochure regarding the upcoming event.The theme is good as it will create ‘hype’ regarding the documentary.

Surya Fired……

20 01 2009

Today episode was interesting as Surya was fired.Trump said it was a difficult decision but for me it was writing on the wall….

As a P.M Surya looks frustrated as in most part of the episode his hands were on his head.It seems like P.Mship was a burden on him.He also lacked energy and failed to motivate his team in any way.All of his team-mates were annoyed with him.Surya himself acknowleges that he was comfortable as a member of a team but not as a P.M.So for Trump it was clear that Surya cannot be the Apprentice.

We also have a treat in which i was supposedly the Birthday Boy.My birthday was missed earlier as that time Salman was not active and it was also a week-end.

Proposal for Documentary

13 01 2009

Documentary should be about the hiring criteria for MBA’s in MNC’s.We should interview HR people of various MNC’s and give our findings in-front of the audience.

Apprentice Episode 3

12 01 2009

It was an interesting episode.There were two teams with Aaron and Michelle as Project leaders.The task given was to have a promotional trip in a double decker bus.

Michelle was not impressive as a Project Leader as she lacks decison-making and project management skills.In the meeting she conveyed to her peers that she not positive about the winning of their team.This lowers the morale of the team and they under-perform during the exercise.The problem with the microphone also let their team down badly.

About the decision of Michele to quit ,i think it was emotional.It is a part of the game to loose.She may not be a good team-leader but as a member she can participate.There was a debate that every-body is hear to lead.I donot agree with this;Great Sachin Tendulkar failed as a captain but as a team member he still is a valuable player and a regular member of the world’s best batting line-up.Similarly Peterson also resigned as Captain but in his resignation he mentioned that he wil be still available as a team-member.So for me decision to quit is just forfeiting or surrendering in a game or war.She also has a dubious distinction of only the second person to quit the Apperentice.She SHOULD HAVE FOUGHT TILL DEATH……

Apprentice Session 1

7 01 2009

I think the session was interesting.The best thing is that it is different from conventional teaching.

I think both Heidi and frank team lack management skills.like when heidi team was washing cars;there was queue of cars and people were getting annoyed.They should have analyzed how many cars can be washed at a moment so that it gives an organized look.

I think it was right to fire Martin as he was seemingly not fit for the sales job but Frank was also a bit blunt and seemingly looking nervous as well.

The best part was when Frank team were having a night at the tents.

Hello world!

6 01 2009

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